Connecting India's best enterprise startups with Fortune 1000 firms. Catalyzing $100B in partnerships in 10 years and rebranding India as a tech product nation.

Our Mission:


Startup Bridge is a strategic market development organisation that helps enterprise startups cross the chasm through Fortune 1000 partnerships.

In less than 3 years, 8 of our startups were acquired


Our Mission

We will catalyze over $100B in partnerships and M&A activity between India's best enterprise startups and Fortune 1000 companies, and rebrand India as a technology product nation. 

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Our Impact

India needs 30 years of 8% growth to become a middle-income country. This growth won’t happen without a flourishing startup ecosystem; Startup Bridge India was created to accelerate this growth, rapidly advancing economic development and job growth.

In just a couple years after our inaugural event at Stanford we have catalyzed more than $115M in tangible value.




With just 2 events, our introductions have led to: 5 M&A events + 2 corp VC investment + more than 13 strategic partnerships.



million dollars in value

In just 24 months since our inaugural event at Stanford, we catalyzed more than $105 million in partnerships.



Net promotor score

We deliver a world-class experience to corporations and startups. Participants want to return and encourage others to join the SBI community.


Our Programs


Startup Bridge India provides India’s promising enterprise startups with mentorship and access to global markets, while offering global firms insight and access to the Indian market. Our invitation-only events strategically match the needs and wants of Fortune 1000 companies with the technology offerings of Indian startups; those matches will lead to over $100B in  partnerships and M&A between these firms in the next 10 years and rebrand India as a product nation. Exits are important drivers of the startup ecosystem, inspiring innovation and fueling a positive feedback loop between successful entrepreneurs who invest in the next cadre of entrepreneurs.

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