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We save you time and money by connecting you with India’s best enterprise startups and providing you with insight and access to the Indian market.

  • Be the first to know about the most innovative startups

  • Get curated 1:1 introductions highly targeted to your specific needs

  • Learn about India’s startup ecosystem, the 3rd largest in the world

  • Hear from experienced entrepreneurs and advisors about how to build successful partnerships, joint ventures, and conduct M&A in India

I will bet on India out of all countries in the world.

- John Chambers

Chairman Emeritus, Cisco

CEO, JC2 Ventures

2017 Startup Bridge India keynote

We measure our success by quality of interactions rather than the number of participants. Our results speak for themselves. Our last two conferences earned an NPS score of 81 (10 points higher than iPhone), and catalyzed more than 12 partnerships and over $67M in tangible value.